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Code: 0201
A lovely shoulder length curly wig. Suits both antique and modern dolls. 10% OFF SALE!..
Code: 0203
A short wavy wig, suitable for modern dolls. 10% OFF SALE!..
Code: 0209
A short, straight, versatile wig, suitable for boys and girls. Size 4-5in is available in Auburn, Bl..
Code: 0205
A beautiful long wig with gently waving curls. 10% OFF SALE!..
Code: 0204
A beautiful 'sausage curl' wigs suitable for antique reproduction dolls. 10% OFF SALE!..
Code: 0220
A short thick bob with a blunt fringe. Suitable for girls and boys. 10% OFF SALE!..
Code: 0217
A traditional Indian style wig with centre part and braids (not plaited) on each side of the face. T..
Code: 0218
A wig with shoulder length ringlets, suitable for Antique Reproduction dolls. Very similar to our Ch..
Code: 0207
A pretty toddler's wig, with a soft fringe and curls at the neck. Some sizes and colours are no long..
Code: 0219
A long, straight wig with a fringe and a slight wave at the end. 10% OFF SALE!..
Mohair Danielle
Code: 0229
Our Danielle style wig is found on both French and German dolls. This wig has a center part and one ..
Mohair Georgette
Code: 0226
This lovely wig is made from the highest quality mohair. The classic style is suitable for both Fren..
Mohair Heidi
Code: 0227
This classic Antique style wig is made from the softest mohair available. It's distinctive..
Mohair Jacqueline
Code: 0222
Jacqueline is an authentic copy of a popular antique style wig used for French and German ..
Mohair Louise
Code: 0225
This popular antique wig was designed for French Fashion dolls during the late 1800s. The ..